Man Must Die The Human Condition

Relapse is certainly on a roll lately. Rapidly becoming the most prolific label in extreme metal, those great folks have dropped yet another promising debut on the unsuspecting public. Man Must Die draw initial comparisons to the Red Chord, largely as a result of their front-man’s dead-on Guy Kowalysk impression. This somewhat disposable vocalist is credited only as "Joe.” Musically, the group offer up an above average fusion of a number of popular styles, bringing a clear American deathcore influence to the table while tipping their hats to the more melodic, progressive European approach. Performance-wise, Man Must Die exceed many seasoned veterans — their technical precision is undeniable. The superb percussion, while hampered by an all too typical processed drum sound, is of particular note. Occasionally, although substantially less than expected, they fall back on limb flailing, pit-worthy chug parts. While not defining a clear identity, Man Must Die are a cut above the rest and are well worth a look if you’re sick of everything else in your collection. (Relapse)