The Man From Another Place The Loneliest Cowboy

Taking his name from a character in cult television show Twin Peaks, The Man From Another Place is not the first to fall under the spell of Smile-era Beach Boys, and won't be the last. He doesn't try to disguise it either when it comes to his debut EP. The Loneliest Cowboy is a nicely put together collection of instrumentals that owes such a huge debt to Brian Wilson and the High Llamas that it could actually be by either. Perhaps that is the ultimate compliment, but it's also the biggest issue with the EP: we've heard it all before. The title track is a wonderful journey into his world of soundtracks for lost movies, with layers of piano, horns and banjo; it acts as the perfect opener, but the four other songs don't take listeners anywhere more appealing or vastly different. It's definitely beautifully arranged and executed, but hardly original or revolutionary, although there's no denying its appeal. Where he goes after this will be the real proof of whether there might be something more to back up this initial promise, or perhaps this is as good as it is going to get. I'm hoping for the former, but fearing that it may be the latter. (Independent)