Mamiffer/Pyramids Mamiffer/Pyramids

Geographically, experimental drone unit Mamiffer and blackened shoegaze explorers Pyramids hail from profoundly different environments: Mamiffer are based in cloud-cloaked and verdant Seattle, while Pyramids come from the scorching asphalt heat of Denton, TX. While both bring very different attitudes and approaches to this split, the final product is incredibly revealing about their aesthetic concerns in the way it reveals crucial points of intersection. Both are obsessed with texture and obfuscation, working heavily with grit and haze, the squawk and feedback of electronics and the organic, thunderous rumble of bass. Both are also fascinated by the transcendent moments noise can reveal, the melody in the static. This is revealed variously in the sustained, circular structures of "Sophia" or the spindly, cacophonous rattling of "This One is For Everyone." While their respective contributions to this split are true to their disparate styles, the mutual interest in illumination makes the final product much closer to an act of veiled and complicated collaboration. (Hydra Head)