Mamani Keita Garner L'Argent Francais

Listeners familiar with the long list of Malian world music superstars will hear both fresh and familiar sounds throughout Gagner L'Argent Francais. Urban and electrified, Mamani Keita's release is raw and unbridled, yet melodic and refined. Not surprisingly, she borrows many elements from Salif Keita's powerful live show (whom she toured with as a backup singer), combining them into a sound uniquely her own. Her stirring, gentile voice is featured throughout. Guitarist/producer Nicolas Repac's seamless combination of electronic production with Keita's live band is one of the many elements that separate this release from the rest. His programmed samples add a cinematic flavour to Keita's signature sound. Whether or not these electronic elements translate into her live show is another story. "Demissen Koulou" and "Doussou" prove that Mamani Keita is at the forefront of the next generation of musical ambassadors of modern African music. Garner L'Argent Francais blends many genres, infusing rock with Afrobeat, dub and traditional Malian music. The result is a combination of raw and mellow tones. Fans of her first two releases will undoubtedly enjoy Garner L'Argent Frances and those unfamiliar with her outstanding voice will definitely want to check this out. (No Format)