Malcolm Middleton Makes A Bid for Xmas Number One Single

Malcolm Middleton Makes A Bid for Xmas Number One Single
The number one single at Christmas in the UK is always a highly coveted spot for some lucky pop act to bask in the glory and rake in the benefits of the holiday's spending spree. Normally held by a future one-hit wonder, Cliff Richard or the latest reality show victor, it's more often than not, a shameful time for music (the only exception in the past 15 Christmases is Girls Aloud's "Sound Of The Underground" in 2002). This year will see an unlikely candidate enter the fold: Malcolm Middleton, formerly of miserable Scot-pop act Arab Strap. Middleton is vying for the crown, or Santa's cap in this case with "We’re All Going To Die," a yuletide confirmation of our impending death that is lifted from his 2007 release, A Brighter Beat.

About the song Middleton says: "Dying is a bit like writing a letter to Santa. Unless you've been a good boy or girl, you're fucked. Although at first seemingly negative, the song is intended to make people think about being alive and making the most of our time here, which to me are your generic ‘Xmas’ themes. Christmas is the best time for a song like this to be released into the mainstream consciousness, especially now in 2007… people don't want to be lied to by Cliff Richards any more. It's maybe time they were told what's really waiting for them inside their Christmas stockings.”

Middleton will promote the single by joining DJ Colin Murray live on BBC Radio 1 the day of its release, as well as playing a bunch of shows across Britain.

Pinned up against the Spice Girls, the X Factor winner and most likely both Cliff Richard and Robbie Williams, Middleton will have some stiff competition, but best of luck to him. And in case you're wondering, bookmakers William Hill have already given it the longest odds to reach number one ever awarded to a single in the running for Christmas time. Ouch.

Click here to listen to Malcolm Middleton's "We're All Going To Die."