Malcolm Middleton "Carry Me"

Malcolm Middleton 'Carry Me'
Malcom Middleton's been a busy man since he and Aidan Moffat parted ways as Arab Strap back in 2006, releasing a pair of solo records with a third, Waxing Gibbous set to drop on June 1 in the UK.

While much of what's up from Waxing...on his MySpace page follows in the mould of his previous band's latter day records, "Carry Me" is far more reminiscent of Arab Strap's earliest releases. All the elements are here: the delicate acoustic guitar, weird back ground electronics and the thick Scottish brogue in the spoken word verses. It's the perfect, sober grown-up bookend to Arab Strap's first hedonistic blast of brilliance "First Big Weekend."

Middleton has hinted that this might be his last solo record for some time. And while we look forward to his future output in whatever form it materializes, "Carry Me" seems like a perfect closing track for this chapter in his career.

You can stream and download "Carry Me" from Stereogum here.
Or listen to the stream on Middleton's MySpace here.