Makeshift Heroes Not So Fast!

While many were happy to proclaim the death of ska following its third wave revival, it now looks like the supposed death rattle might just have been a speed bump on the road back to ska goodness. Within the city of Toronto, there exists a thriving all-ages ska scene, and bands like the Makeshift Heroes are at the forefront of the skanking and dancing masses. With Not So Fast!, their five-song debut, the band highlights the strength of their live show by balancing out their more up-tempo numbers with laid-back grooves, focusing on the power of their horn section to deliver the relaxed, smooth, and catchy lines that are part of the band’s signature sound. Particularly on "Rub-A-Dub,” the group seems so perfectly locked in the pocket that the music just flows naturally around the deep groove of the rhythm section. As more bands like Makeshift start releasing recordings of their music to an audience outside of Toronto, it won’t be long before the city’s ska scene begins to get the respect it certainly deserves. (Confidential)