Major Lazer "Scare Me" (ft. Timberlee & Peaches) (video)

Major Lazer 'Scare Me' (ft. Timberlee & Peaches) (video)
Major Lazer have been bringing out a pretty half-baked, papier-mâché version of their titular army guy on stages with them this year, but that's only because the right-proper, gun-armed man has been out fighting the good fight, at least as evidenced by the video for Free the Universe's "Scare Me."

As you'll see below, Major Lazer and his Cinco Force partner Knife Fight have been scouring the world in search of "rotten warlord" General Rubbish and will gladly stab or decapitate a baddie or two in order to recover a terror laser from the villain. A cyborg battle scene caps the video for the fast-paced dancehall blazer, but a twist ending reveals the war has only just begun.

Also watch out for appearances from The League's Nick Kroll and Workaholics's Blake Anderson, among other acting notables, as you watch the goofball action clip down below.