Majical Cloudz "Bugs Don't Buzz"

Majical Cloudz "Bugs Don't Buzz"
Much-hyped Montreallers Majical Cloudz will release their Matador Records debut Impersonator on May 21. Now, they've shared the bleak and emotive track "Bugs Don't Buzz."

The band's Devon Welsh opened up about the song on the Majical Cloudz Tumblr, writing the following statement:

Okay wow I'm really excited to be releasing this song. It's hard to explain why a song feels really personal when it's through a Tumblr post, but this song means a lot to me. I've been so sad and this song has been around, and I've been so happy and this song has been around. It's accumulated layers of memories because it's been around for a long time. Releasing it feels very intimate for some reason.

I wrote a version of it on piano in 2008 when I was nineteen but then forgot about it until my friend found it on my computer a few years later.

When I first wrote it the lyrics didn't mean that much to me, they just kind of came out. I didn't consider it anything special — at the time I was trying to write as many songs as possible, filling hard drives with recordings just for practice. Then for a long while after that I lost confidence in my ability to write songs, and during this time my friend used "Bugs Don't Buzz" as an example of why I had made beautiful things and shouldn't be so hard on myself. As is so often the case when someone is trying to help you, I didn't really listen as much as I could have!

Before Matt and I played our first show, I realized I could sing the song over a piano loop, so we played it live and it felt really good. So this is the recorded version of the song. It's a special song to me because of everything I just explained. It feels like the act of playing it is in some small way an attempt to repay the friend who encouraged me to have confidence.

Stream "Bugs Don't Buzz" below or download the song here.