Magic Island "Baby Blu" (video)

Magic Island 'Baby Blu' (video)
Electronically geared pop eccentric Magic Island (born Emma Czerny) may still be relatively unknown at home and in her native Ottawa, but she's steadily been making a name for herself in her adopted Berlin thanks to collaborations alongside Touchy Mob, Better Person, BifiBoy and Blue Hawaii member Agor. Her new EP, Wasted Dawn, won't be seeing its release through Summer Cool Music until May. But while you wait, watch the newly unveiled video for lead single "Baby Blu."

Directed by Kate Brown, the gauzy clip finds Czerny lucidly navigating a technicolor landscape in her pajamas, which is made all the more dreamy by the artist's plaintive piano samples and childlike beats. Along the way, there's a hall of mirrors and glitter — a lot of it.

Check out the clip in the player below.

While Wasted Dawn is still without a firm due date, it will contain six tracks, as well as contribution from Agor and Better Person. Magic Island will also play at  Naherholung Sternchen, Berlin, on April 8 and at the city's Torstraßen Festival on August 30.

Magic Island "Baby Blu" (Official Music Video) from Summer Cool on Vimeo.