Magic Bullets Line Up Sophomore Effort

Magic Bullets Line Up Sophomore Effort
Following what we called their "solid and charming debut," 2007's A Child But In Life Yet A Doctor In Love, San Francisco, CA indie poppers the Magic Bullets have remained relatively dormant the last few years. Part of that can be credited to the fact that they lost some members to hip indie stars Girls. Fortunately, they recruited some new personnel and have announced that a new full-length is just around the corner.

The album is a self-titled affair, and according to a press release, the band are still mining the Orange Juice and Cure referencing that made their first album so enjoyable. While little else is known about the record, we can report that it will be released by the new Mon Amie imprint on June 15.

 Prior to that release date, the Magic Bullets will release "Lying Around" as a seven-inch single. Backed with non-album track "Thoughts of You," the single will drop on April 27. Stay tuned for more info as the band reveal the album tracklisting and North American tour dates.

Magic Bulltets:

1. "A Day Not So Far Off"
2. "They Wrote a Song About You"
3. "Pretend & Descend"
4. "Lying Around"
5. "Young Shoulders"
6." Red Room"
7. "On Top of the World"
8. "A Name Sits Heaviest on My Heart"
9. "Millions of People Running Around"
10. "China Beach"
11. "Sigh the Day Away"