Magic Ass Confessions of a Rocker

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you the winners of this year’s worst band name in Canada competition — Vancouver’s Magic Ass. The worst thing is that once you get past the name, the music really isn’t all that bad at all. In fact, some of it is actually rather good thanks to the band’s not inconsequential musical skills and their admiration of Steely Dan. Confessions of a Rocker, their debut recording, is a collection of eight songs that doesn’t really sound like a band’s first record. Much of that is down to the members’ experience, with a number of bands in their collective past including the Show Business Giants, Marvin Gardens and the Vinaigrettes. It also makes for a CD that sounds as if it could have come out any time in the past 20 years, and that alone might keep some people away. And so might the intricate guitar work on some songs that sometimes threatens to disappear up its own magic ass. But persevere and great songs like "Wasteland of the 5 W’s” and "Kit Kat Boogaloo” are reward enough. (Bush Party)