Magazine's Howard Devoto Explains The Band's Reunion

Magazine's Howard Devoto Explains The Band's Reunion
Post-punk trailblazers Magazine have shed some light on why the long-disbanded group have decided to reunite for a series of UK shows next year. Put simply, the band were made an offer they couldn't refuse.

While talking to the Guardian, Magazine front-man and former Buzzcock Howard Devoto revealed the band got the idea to reform because of a "very hesitant email" sent by a promoter asking keyboardist Dave Formula on the possibility of reuniting Magazine. In response, Formula then got in touch with his old band members, drummer John Doyle, bassist Barry Adamson and Devoto.

"Dave made me an offer I couldn't refuse," said Devoto. "He said 'Howard, it's your last chance to be venerable.'"

And apparently this little prodding is all it took for Devoto to reunite the band, who officially broke-up in 1981.

Devoto also went on to tell the Guardian that for the upcoming live shows Noko, Devoto's old band member in Luxuria, will take the place of original Magazine member John McGeoch, who passed away in 2004.

As previously reported, the reunion shows follow a series of renewed Magazine activity, with the band releasing The Complete John Peel Sessions in November this year, after reissuing their four studio LPs in 2007.

For a nice history lesson on Magazine, you can check the original Guardian article here. And if you by chance live in the UK, here are the band's upcoming reunion shows:

2/12 London, UK -€“ London Forum
2/13 London, UK -€“ London Forum
2/16 Glasgow, UK -€“ Glasgow Academy
2/14 Manchester, UK -€“ Manchester Academy
2/17 Manchester, UK -€“ Manchester Academy

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