Pervy Photos with Nicki Minaj Waxwork Cause Madame Tussauds to Up Security

Pervy Photos with Nicki Minaj Waxwork Cause Madame Tussauds to Up Security
The Las Vegas branch of Madame Tussauds' wax museum has been forced to increase security measures around its recently instated likeness of rapper Nicki Minaj, following the emergence of explicit photos people have been staging with the mannequin.

The museum unveiled the figure earlier this month. It recreates a scene from the artist's "Anaconda" video, in which she's posed on all fours. This has apparently brought out the horndogs and the creeps, with a stream of raunchy pics making their way onto Instagram and Twitter. Some find fans grabbing and pretending to kiss the lifeless Minaj replica, while others stage explicit sex acts. You can see some examples below.

The museum has since caught wind of the flood of fetishized group pics and has issued a statement noting that it will be placing more staff and security around the mannequin. They will also, apparently, be erecting a fence around the display, so you won't be able to put your paws all over the Pinkprint rapper.

While several online posts have pictured the mannequin and museum visitors in precarious positions, it's rumoured that the "inappropriate photograph" Madame Tussauds are singling out is of a man posing behind the mannequin with one hand on its hip and the other pulling its hair.

The statement reads:

The wax figure has also stirred controversy over its already explicit pose. Rapper Azealia Banks, for instance, questioned why the Minaj statue had to be so overtly sexualized.