Mad Season Set Date for 'Above' Deluxe Edition, Offer Pre-Order

Mad Season Set Date for 'Above' Deluxe Edition, Offer Pre-Order
As of late, grunge supergroup Mad Season have been enjoying a reunion of sorts, as surviving members guitarist Mike McCready (Pearl Jam) and drummer Barrett Martin have promised to release their 1995 album Above as an expanded box set. Now, a bit more information about the set has come to light.

The reissue was originally slated for March of 2013, but it has now been pushed back to April 16. As Seattle's 107.7 The End points out, you can now pre-order the deluxe edition of Above from Pearl Jam's online store. It costs $24.99 (USD).

The exact contents of the set are unconfirmed, but the material will be spread across two CDs and a DVD. Previous reports have indicated that it will include the remastered Above, various unreleased live recordings, and a surround sound version of the 1995 concert film Live at the Moore.

The set may also contain three songs that McCready and Martin wrote with vocalist Mark Lanegan (one of which was made with R.E.M.'s Peter Buck). The songs had originally been slated for a second Mad Season album that never happened due to the deaths of the deaths of singer Layne Staley (Alice in Chains) in 2002 and bassist John Baker Saunders in 1999.

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