Mad Season Reportedly Recruit Mark Lanegan for New Album

Mad Season Reportedly Recruit Mark Lanegan for New Album
Back in the spring, the surviving members of grunge supergroup Mad Season reunited during a live set in Seattle. This was a drastically pared-down version of the '90s band, since only guitarist Mike McCready (Pearl Jam) and drummer Barrett Martin (Screaming Trees) are still alive following the previous deaths of singer Layne Staley (Alice in Chains) in 2002 and bassist John Baker Saunders in 1999. Still, that isn't stopping the group from working on fresh material, since they have reportedly found a new singer for a forthcoming album.

Guerrilla Candy [via Blabbermouth] reports that Mad Season have been working on some unfinished songs with Screaming Trees singer and celebrated solo artist Mark Lanegan on vocals. In an interview with Jet City Stream, Martin reportedly said that the songs were originally written to be sung by Staley, but it's not clear how many songs there are or if other vocalists are involved in the project.

Back in the spring, McCready told Louisville, KY's WFPK [via Guerrilla Candy] that the songs stem from a short-lived project called Disinformation, which was founded by the members of Mad Season after Staley left the group.

McCready said, "From the Disinformation sessions there are probably 12 songs and out of that eight that are pretty great. They need to be edited and they're all just music so we are trying to find singers that are up to the caliber of Layne to do justice to it. I know a lot of [the singers], it's just getting the commitment."

While some fans may call foul at the band reuniting without half of the original members, it's worth pointing out that Lanegan appeared on a couple of songs from Above, so this is still relatively faithful to the original incarnation of Mad Season.