Mack Maine "Celebrate" (ft. Lil Wayne and Talib Kweli) (video)

Mack Maine 'Celebrate' (ft. Lil Wayne and Talib Kweli) (video)
As Lil Wayne is still recovering in an L.A. hospital after reportedly suffering more seizures, the timing's a little weird for a new feel-good rap video. Still, that's what we get, as Weezy appears alongside Talib Kweli in the new clip for Mack Maine's "Celebrate."

The video's fairly straightforward, with Weezy delivering his melodic, soulful line "Pop a bottle and celebrate, we made it to a new day." There are some bright lights, some mugging for the camera and some narrative-less backdrops. It's a standard rap video.

Check out Lil Wayne in the clip for "Celebrate" below, and let's hope it's not his last.