Mac DeMarco Is Streaming His Recording Sessions via a Secret YouTube Channel

He's also shared a Haruomi Hosono cover through CAM TONY
Mac DeMarco Is Streaming His Recording Sessions via a Secret YouTube Channel
Mac DeMarco hasn't release an album since last spring's chilled-out This Old Dog, but it looks as if the cheeky Canadian songwriter is hard at work in the studio. For the last couple of weeks, he has been live-streaming his recording sessions via a secret YouTube channel.

The channel is called CAM TONY, and as of press time, there are already 26 archived videos uploaded. These range from just a few minutes in length to several hours; "CAM TONY 19" is currently the longest, clocking in at close to eight hours long. There's also an extremely minimal website at that links to the channel.

The videos often consist of DeMarco noodling on instruments alone and recording isolated parts in a studio lined with keyboards, guitars, drums and more. There are other times when he listens his own songs from past albums.

Occasionally, friends join him in the studio, and we get to hear parts that resemble full songs. The video quality is poor enough that it's difficult to recognize any faces, although someone on Reddit theorized that there was a cameo from bass god Thundercat.

At one point, Mac covered "Honey Moon" by Japanese songwriting hero Haruomi Hosono during one of the lengthy YouTube sessions, and a fan then edited and isolated the cover for us all. 

"Honey Moon" originally appeared on Hosono's 1975 album Tropical Dandy, and you can hear Mac's take on the song below, where you'll also find the the original by the Happy End/Yellow Magic Orchestra member.

As previously reported, DeMarco recently offered up a press quote for Light in the Attic's upcoming Hosono reissue series, which you can learn more about here.

Head to Mac's CAM TONY channel to explore all of his videos. Presumably, more videos will be live-streamed in the near future.