Mac DeMarco Detained by Police During Show

Mac DeMarco Detained by Police During Show
Mac DeMarco is known as a merry troublemaker, and on Friday night (November 14), his antics got him into trouble with the law, as his concert was cut short when he was detained by police.

The incident happened during a show at the University of California in Santa Barbara. According to the Santa Barbara Independent [via Stereogum], DeMarco crowd surfed, and the audience lifted him up to the ceiling beams. He then climbed up to the venue's second floor and walked back down the stairs to the stage, where he was detained by police.

Lt. Mark Signa explained that police didn't realize that DeMarco was the lead singer until they spoke with him outside of the venue. The show didn't carry on after the incident.

DeMarco later posted a photo of himself getting detained on Instagram along with the caption "Had a good time with the #santabarbarapolicelastnight #thankyouforcomingout #bebacksoon #penisstillsmall #andywhitebeautifulman #hothorseshit."

DeMarco wasn't the only person at the show who ran afoul of the police. Two people were arrested: a 22-year-old man was taken away for challenging fans and security officers to fight, and a 21-year-old woman was arrested for moshing.