Mac DeMarco "A Little Bit of Pussy" (video)

Mac DeMarco "A Little Bit of Pussy" (video)
Gap-toothed pop dreamer Mac DeMarco is most likely going to follow up his breakthrough 2 LP with another album this year. While he hasn't shared any details just yet, he as premiered a ridiculous video for a ridiculous new song called "A Little Bit of Pussy."

After a creepy glance from bassist Pierce McGarry, the video cuts to a naked man in a shiny hat, holding an acoustic guitar over his nether regions. Musically, this is a cheap synth lounge banger all about, well, getting a little bit of pussy.

The whole thing is incredibly stupid, making it a comforting song for those who feared that Mac might get too serious with his newfound fame.

Check out "A Little Bit of Pussy" below.

UPDATE: On Facebook, Mac promised us this: "I just finished mixing and mastering my new album at electric ladyland in nyc. I know my label's gonna be really mad, but I just am so excited. I had to share the title track and brand new music video with you guys. Shit, what can I say? I love the fans. God bless you."