M.I.A. "Boom ADD"

M.I.A. 'Boom ADD'
M.I.A. has put a litigious spin on her Super Bowl-spanking Matangi track "Boom Skit," adding a lawyer's warning to the tune for a new remix. Likely much to the chagrin of the NFL, her "Boom ADD" is streaming now.

As previously reported, the NFL had been bummed on the artist for raising her middle finger during Madonna's Super Bowl halftime show in 2012. The answering machine message on display in the new remix confirms this, with a representative for the organization noting how they were suing the singer for "ruining their fantastic reputation."

From there, we're treated to the song proper, which targets a number of critics. While the lyrics insinuate that America don't wanna hear her sound, you can give the touched-up track a spin via the player down below.

While the league has since settled with M.I.A., it's unclear what the terms of the deal were. At the time, they had been seeking $16.6 million in "restitution."