Lyla Foy "Honeymoon" (video)

Lyla Foy 'Honeymoon' (video)
With UK artist Lyla Foy's recent Mirrors the Sky LP having delivered a series of down-soft melodies, it might not be surprising to see the singer covered in feathers in the new video for the album's "Honeymoon."

Directed by Mark Donne and Joe Morris, the clip has Foy laid out on the ground, covered in splashes of paint, rose petals, ivory plumes and sheet music. As the track's dream pop arrangement of warped, warmed over synth tones and shushed vocals score the scene, the film stock runs in reverse, letting us discover how the mess was made. Eventually, it ends (or, perhaps, begins) with a purifying blast of white light.

You'll see the colour palette-exploring tranquility of it all via the player down below.