Lydia Ainsworth "White Shadows" (video)

Lydia Ainsworth"White Shadows" (video)
Toronto musician Lydia Ainsworth makes orchestral pop with an experimental twist, and the new video for her track "White Shadows" takes a cue from the music's abstract qualities.

While the lush arrangement swoops, twinkles and plinks, we see a fast-moving series of animations. It mostly consists of pink and blue shapes, with a few organic images emerging amidst the abstractions.

It was drawn and directed by Tara Dougans, who said in a statement, "The video serves as a four-minute visual response to Lydia's composition. Rather than work with narrative, the focus was to create an interplay with the song — something akin to the invisible dance that takes place within the subconscious mind as an underlying energy takes shape and begins to grow. A dance because the evolution of an idea (a shadow) is often non-linear, traveling miles intuitively up from the depths in trust before suddenly arriving into light."

Watch the clip below. Ainsworth's album Right from Real is out now on Arbutus.