Lvcifyre Svn Eater

LvcifyreSvn Eater
If Sauron started a band with the Nazgul instead of waging war on Middle Earth as an outlet for the spurting, magma-like power of his hatred and evil, that group might sound an awful lot like Lvcifyre. The London-based band unite the abyssal depths of black and death metal into a blasted, brimstone-stinking horror. Opening track "Night Seas Sorcery" takes the charred aesthetic they developed over their last records and slows it down to a doom-laden, agonized shamble. Soon, however, howling rage takes over again and Svn Eater lurches forward like a mad, damned engine, careening toward destruction. The raw wind and primeval despair of "Liber Lilith" is an album highlight, the rumbling samples and relentless percussion evoking a rockslide. The titular track is blackened death metal at its most infernal and relentless, displaying a ferocity worthy of early Morbid Angel. If anyone has enough pitch-black hate, roiling anger and ravenous hunger to swallow the sun and blot out its light, it is the black hole of an appetite behind Lvcifyre. (Dark Descent)