The Luyas Animator

The LuyasAnimator
Montreal quartet the Luyas' dreamy chamber-pop sound has evolved in an unexpected way since 2011's Too Beautiful To Work. From first single "Fifty Fifty" to the cathartic yet restrained "Traces," Animator is meditative, almost despondent, at times, a stylistic mood that came in response to the sudden death of a close friend of the band. Arcade Fire violinist Sarah Neufeld plays on most of the ten tracks with core bandmates Jessie Stein, Mathieu Charbonneau, Bucky Wheaton and Pietro Amato, all musicians with a penchant for instruments rarely seen in pop, including the French horn and Stein's signature electric zither, the aptly named Moodswinger. With its comparatively morose yet still lively sound, Animator is just as instrumentally adventurous and aurally beautiful as the Luyas' enchanting debut. (Paper Bag)