Luxt Razing Eden

The gritty electo-industrial sound, loaded with serious goth overtones is extremely delightful. Anna Christine’s lustful vocals drip with a passionate blend over dark gothic beats created by Erie Loch. When the twosome do double vocals, their gothdustrial vibe turns into a blinding black light. Luxt have created an energetic sound track for industrial freaks and goths that will allow them to practice their tough guy and apple picking dance steps. Known for their classic coldwave cover of Gary Numan’s “Cars” on Newer Wave, the band have done it again by cranking out a damn fine version of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir.” Unlike Robert Plant, Christine’s vocals give the song a very erotic groove. Razing Eden is a god fearing album about the destruction of paradise — just what the children of the night want. (21st Circuitry)