Lux We Are Not the Same

LuxWe Are Not the Same
At this moment, there's no shortage of bands doing something similar to what Lux are. The Seattle, WA boy-girl duo have managed to nestle themselves between the likes of Cults, Hospitality and Sleigh Bells, blending C86-style vocals with Phil Spector-via-Jesus and Mary Chain walls of sound. But without that highly identifiable Shane Stoneback production, Lux's debut LP, We Are Not the Same, lacks much of the focus and urgency that have made their peers so blog-worthy. However, from the vibe gathered from songs like "Out of Love," a reverb-drenched floater featuring Leah Rosen's mumblecore vocals, "Cerebellar Ataxia," a noisy, synth-layered instrumental, and "Candy Lux," a David Chandler-led lo-fi indie rocker, it's easy to see that Lux want to be a bit of everything to everyone. But it's this genre insecurity that allows We Are Not the Same to work on a few surface levels, positioning Lux as a group with impeccable taste, if nothing else. But, man, they sure do make it easy to goof on their album title. (Independent)