Lupine Howl [125]

Ever had the feeling you've been cheated? Well consider this: Spiritualized's main man, Jason Pierce, cans his band because he believes they stink and instead of giving up they instantly go out to prove him wrong and form Lupine Howl, the next great space rock band. Lupine Howl should have been fantastic, but from the sounds of this EP, the sounds are nothing of the sort. The single, "125," is Echo and the Bunnymen at their absolute worst (which would be any of their last three albums) or the Jesus and Mary Chain if they made Munki even worse than it was. Nothing like Spiritualized (unless you count the feeble attempt to be drug induced on the B-sides "Tired" and "Swell"), nothing like the UK press promised and definitely nothing like a band who had been working with the brilliant minds in Massive Attack or even in their former band. At least this EP exposes the band for what they are before you go all out and spend more money on the album, which if they are anything like their former boss Mr. Spaceman, will take about five years to come along. That would definitely be five years too soon. Yikes! (Beggars Banquet)