Lupe Fiasco's Lasers Finally Earns Legitimate Release Date

Lupe Fiasco's <i>Lasers</i> Finally Earns Legitimate Release Date
It's been a long time coming, but it looks as if Lupe Fiasco's Lasers is finally coming out. After months of feuding with label Atlantic over the long-delayed release, having his fans start up an online petition to have the set dropped ASAP and forming Brit-punk band Japanese Cartoon to keep his mind off the whole, uh, fiasco, the rapper is finally getting what he wants, but not until March.

Yesterday (October 7), Fiasco made a tweet featuring a picture of the hip-hopper giddily giving the thumbs-up to Atlantic president Julie Greenwald, with the caption "Victory!" (see above). The label countered the tweet with a confirmed release date: March 8, 2011. An as-of-yet unnamed single will drop October 26.

Considering the thousands of signatures on the Lasers-supporting petition, not to mention the proposed "Fiasco Friday" rally, in which fans were encouraged to drop by Atlantic's NYC offices next Friday (October 15), it seems the Chicago spitter's devoted played a huge part in squashing the beef.

But while the matter seems settled, March 8 is still a long way off. Considering Lasers was finished back in the summer of 2009, its 2011 launch kind of feels less than springtime fresh. Here's hoping Fiasco doesn't have to go through the ringer to get this album's follow-up off the ground.