Lupe Fiasco To Release Triple Album, Then Retire

Lupe Fiasco To Release Triple Album, Then Retire
At a recent Chicago performance, rapper Lupe Fiasco went down the all-too-common path walked by hip-hop stars and announced his retirement, promising to release one last album before throwing in the towel. And what a last album it will be. Titled LupEND, the record will be a three-disc concept album, with the discs representing "everywhere,” "nowhere” and "down here” (END).

Fiasco recently talked about the albums with Billboard, saying, "When you play a videogame, you can only put in three letters for your name and when the game's over, those three letters and 'END' pop up. My next record might be my last one.” Wait a minute, there’s the word "might.” In other words, this "might” be a retirement for good, and it "might” be a retirement as long as the ones Jay-Z and M.I.A. attempted.

No release date for the album has been set, and Atlantic, Fiasco’s label, have not commented on whether it will be his last.

Lupe Fiasco announces his retirement
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