Lullacry Crucify My Heart

Same name, but different vocalist (and spelling); same band, second album for North America (third in Europe). Lullacry is accessible Finnish hard rock, and Crucify My Love is a professional-sounding album that carries the love and pain theme of the title all the way through. Far from bone-crushingly heavy, Lullacry still has a big, crunchy sound, and a strong female vocalist, both with lots of attitude. The title track demonstrates their knack for radio-friendly hard rock songs, while "Every Single Day” and "Pitch Black Emotions” reveal the band’s edgier, heavier side. "Unchain” oozes melodrama (a little too much) and "Heart of Darkness” (no relation to Joseph Conrad or Arch Enemy) cries "cliché!” Overall Crucify My Love is easy on the ears, but pretty lightweight at the same time, and fairly easy to forget as soon as it’s over. (Century Media)