Lull Account 1

Parasol (distributor of this release) would have us believe that the Lull Account have managed to harness the powers of Scott Walker, the Constellation label roster and darkness itself to bring you this album. In fact, we have an album that harnesses the powers of Peter Murphy, American bands covering the Constellation label roster and basement dank. But hold on, that's really not so bad. These two Louisville, KY guys who are "shrouded in mystery," manage some genuine atmosphere throughout. Their mix of electronics, found sounds and live instruments is every bit as elegant as their purported influences. Only when the vocals creak out of the cupboard ("Numb" and "Throughout") do you catch a whiff of mouldering bat wings and (evil) cheese, like Uncle Pete used to give off when his spook tales turned sour. What the album offers besides this makes one gentle of heart to forgive and listen on. (Grand Theft Autumn)