Luke Vibert Returns as Wagon Christ with Toomorrow

Luke Vibert Returns as Wagon Christ with <i>Toomorrow</i>
British IDM guru Luke Vibert has made major contributions to the electronic music scene for nearly two decades under his own name, as well as with monikers like Plug, Kerrier District and, arguably his most successful project, Wagon Christ. It's now been seven years since Vibert released a new album as Wagon Christ, but that will all change this year as a new release is in the works.

The album is called Toomorrow and will be released March 14 by Ninja Tune. As the label explains, "Built around a dizzying array of vocal samples, the album spins out in a hundred and one directions whilst retaining that recognizably Wagon Christ sound."

Ninja Tune will release the album on double LP, CD and as a digital download. The first single "Manalyze This!" is due out on January 31 but can be streamed below.


 1. "Introfunktion"

2. "Toomorrow"

3. "Manalyze This!"

4. "Ain't He Heavy, He's My Brother"

5. "Accordian McShane"

6. "My Lonely Scene"

7. "Respectrum"

8. "Rennie Codgers"

9. "Oh, I'm Tired"

10. "Wake Up"

11. "Lazer Dick"

12. "Sentimental Hardcore"

13. "Chunkothy"

14. "Harmoney"

15. "Mr. Mukatsuku"

Wagon Christ - Manalyze This! by Ninja Tune & Big Dada