Lugano Fell Slice Repair

James Taylor has spent just over a decade churning out propulsive tech house rhythms as half of UK duo Swayzak. Lugano Fell (the name Taylor ascribes to his solo output) lives in a sonic orbit that's completely remote from that in which Swayzak resides. On Slice Repair, he pummels his audience not with beats but with walls of bee swarm drone, sheets of stuttering electronic skree and a whole host of unidentifiable found sounds. One might refer to this as chill-out music, if it weren't so grim and unsettling. Mastered by Lawrence English, who is well known in ambient and experimental circles, Slice Repair is defined by its nebulousness. It's this loose structure, combined with the sense of uneasiness that Taylor evokes, which is sure to pique the curiosity of those trolling the outer fringes of the dance music universe. (Baskaru)