Lucy (Modular Set)

MAC Salle BWR, Montreal QC, May 28

Lucy (Modular Set)MAC Salle BWR, Montreal QC, May 28
Photo: Trung Dung Nguyen
It was strange to see a techno bastion such as Lucy sitting down at his modular synth like a professor about to give a lecture on the origins of electronic music. Lucy has worn his love of ambient on his sleeve for a while now, as shown on Churches, Schools, and Guns and even War Lullaby, his more recent collaborative effort with Ben Klock, but it seemed like a rare display indeed to see him go so far on the side of beat-less exploration.
His synth warbles bobbed along at a slow trot, occasionally offering up a flurry intriguing sounds, but mostly being fairly ignorable sonic cul de sacs. Most of his ideas — which, to be fair, were off the cuff — were merely touched upon briefly, before being abandoned for something else a couple of minutes later. When attempting a show such as this, especially at two in the morning, one inevitably runs the risk sounding a tad bit pretentious, and Lucy was no exception. There is a lot to be said for someone who's been pigeon-holed to one genre, attempting to do something entirely different. Unfortunately for Lucy, however, his bread and butter is a far better demonstration of his talents.
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