Lucid Dream Recovered Data 95

In 1995, under the name Lucid Dream, future techno stalwart John Tejada recorded his first batch of songs, which would help shape him into one of the genre's hardest working and prolific artists. Originally titled Palette, the LP was shelved by original record label A13, which was looking to release music that better fit into the then-burgeoning house scene. Released 14 years later as Recovered Data 95, Tejada reveals a murkier, denser and all around unusual sound as the majority of the songs clash, collide and bounce around at 200 bpms. Sounding remarkably like Autechre's early "beats-in-the front/effects-to-the-rear" manifesto, Tejada's account sounds less sterilized and icy, opting to trade up to an organic, albeit slightly dated, sound. Showing promise even in his early days, Recovered Data 95 shows Tejada as a musician with myriad ideas and influences choosing to leave it all behind for the romance of the dance floor. (Phthalo)