Luciano / Various Fabric 41

This record, beginning in a minimal way, slowly and naturally caresses the groove and moves into places upbeat and retrospective. It’s a holistic mix. Luciano has been instrumental throughout electronic music culture in Santiago, Chile and Switzerland. His Fabric mix journeys through many vibes of house grooves that will keep your booty moving. The track "Getting Late” by Los Updates featuring Luciano makes an early appearance on the album, right in the midst of the tech-y, minimal region. "Floppy” by Alex Picone brings the mix to a groovier place and it continues in this way, although it’s still swept along by some nice grainy tech sounds evidenced by the killer track "Sety” by Mogane, with a funky start-stop groove and gospel samples added by Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts. A great remix of Inner City’s "Good Love” by Luciano demonstrates this artist’s talent with minimal audio. (Fabric)