Quai Jacques-Cartier, Montreal QC, February 8

LucianoQuai Jacques-Cartier, Montreal QC, February 8
On the last night of its ninth edition, Igloofest ended much like it began, with more of a whimper than a resounding bang. With yet another poorly attended evening, you have to wonder if the decision to replace its always-popular Thursday nights with Sundays was sound. While it was promoted as a move to mimic its summer counterpart Piknic Électronik, the atmosphere and crowds of both events aren't necessarily all that similar, and maybe it'd be best to maintain each event's singular properties.
Swiss-Chilean DJ and producer Luciano was on the decks for this year's conclusion, and while his set was satisfying enough, it didn't necessarily feel like a proper signoff, either. He played a smooth house set throughout, with a barrage of quasi-buildups, that did well to appease the few hundred Day-Glo revellers who've only just discovered the '90s, but the majority of the evening's playlist felt largely pre-recorded, with Luciano seemingly more concerned with his onstage crew, repeated hand gestures and solo dancing. Sure, there were a few moments that prompted collective exhilaration, but the set as a whole never felt like it actually lifted off.
Which might be the underlying issue with the 2015 edition of Igloofest: where previous years had sold-out nights that elicited moments that are still remembered — such as Buraka Som Sistema and Sébastien Léger in 2012 or TNGHT and A Tribe Called Red in 2013 — these past two editions have felt somewhat uninspired. A healthy dose of inspiration might be in order for next year.
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