L.S.G. The Hive

Frankfurt DJ/producer Oliver Leibs offers more dark and hard tech/trance from the netherworld in his third L.S.G. instalment, The Hive. Never losing itself to its technoid beats or sci-fi grandeur, The Hive's thematic throb musically moves with the minimal boldness of a space colony marching band. As it stomps through atmospheric string constructs and diverse tech/trance rhythms, a progressive charge arises from the cerebral trance tone. The Hive also benefits from a fair amount of cross-genre influence. The driving drum and bass flavoured "Black Currant" and the most surely touched by the spirit of house "Loose Ends" demonstrates the potential of well-fused electronica. Engendering the future of trance vibe, The Hive is a welcome contribution to the expanding electronica universe. (Beatbuzz)