Lower Sign with Matador for Debut LP: 'Seek Warmer Climes'

Lower Sign with Matador for Debut LP: 'Seek Warmer Climes'
Copenhagen post-punk act Lower share a style and city with their peers in Iceage, and now they'll share a label as well. After a handful of releases on the Escho imprint, the group have signed with Matador Records and plan to release their debut full-length this summer.

The record is called Seek Warmer Climes, and a press release suggests it's a "hugely ambitious and affecting rock album that enters deeply personal and unusual sonic and topical spaces," suggesting that the group have added influences like Scott Walker and Bryan Ferry to their intense punk attack.

Frontman Adrian Toubro explained that while the LP does see them expanding into new sonic territories, the lyrics remain personal. "Every song on the record deals in some way with personal development, be it emotional or cosmetic," he said. "How to act in different social contexts, and to acclimatize oneself into a given situation without losing face."

Seek Warmer Climes will be available on June 17 via Matador. The tracklisting is available below along with a stream of album track "Lost Weight, Perfect Skin."

Seek Warmer Climes:

1. Another Life
2. Daft Persuasion
3. Lost Weight, Perfect Skin
4. Unkempt And Uncaring
5. Expanding Horizons (Dar Es Salam)
6. Bastard Tactics
7. Soft Option
8. Craver
9. Tradition
10. Arrows