Rifftop Tent, Royal Athletic Park, Victoria BC, September 14

LowellRifftop Tent, Royal Athletic Park, Victoria BC, September 14
Flown in from Toronto overnight and apparently celebrating her birthday, Lowell made a shrill appearance as one of the openers at the Rifftop tent. Most seemed to give the young artist the benefit of the doubt, but between her cracking voice, awkwardly gyrating body while singing, and questionable banter informing us of her birthday several times (I stopped the count at five), the benefit was swiftly retracted.

Musically banal and lyrically lacking (as evidenced by most tracks, including "LGBT," the chorus a repetitive shout out of "L-G-B-T-L-O-V-E"), the only redeeming moment seemed to emerge during a slower track on which stage-mate — simply introduced as Matt — accompanied her on guitar. It was short-lived, however, when her lack of vocal range proved evident. To round it out, the crowd graciously sang Happy Birthday to her, though it's still unclear whether it was willingly or out of obligation after being informed, once again, that Lowell was one year older.

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