Lowell 'I Killed Sara V.' (EP stream)

Lowell 'I Killed Sara V.' (EP stream)
Calgary-born songwriter Lowell has called numerous cities home at various points in her life, but she's currently partly based out of Toronto. It makes since then that Lowell has signed with that city's Arts & Crafts label, and celebrating the release of her I Killed Sara V. EP today (February 25), she is letting us in on a full stream of her label debut.

The album was recorded at London, UK's Kensaltown Studios, with the sessions resulting in five electronic pop cuts that blend bright catchiness with an undercurrent of darkness. "The Bells" begins as a twinkling synth-pop ditty before getting louder and more percussive towards the end, while "Cloud 69" mixes brash hooks with risqué lyricism.

A press release notes that Lowell "[writes] openly about topics like sexual abuse, rape, abortion, and women's rights," and this means that her songs "challenge gender conventions and inspire freedom from social limitations, rules, and misogynists' abuse of power."

Hear the EP below and catch Lowell in concert at the Garrison in Toronto on March 2.

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