Low Motion Disco Keep It Slow

Life is fast and Low Motion Disco want to slow it down — way down. This is obvious on the Swiss duo’s debut, Keep It Slow (hell, it’s right there in the title), and for the most part, slow is good, as the very adult-orientated Low Motion Disco lay down sedate pop grooves prime for maxin’, relaxin’ and chillaxin’. At times, they’re a bit funky, a bit wrapped-up in dub-ish disco ambience. At others, they’re sporting that light-hearted, MOR pastiche, much like the sleazy-listening Quiet Village dropped only a few months earlier. Yet amongst all the woozy cough syrup jams it can be easy for the listener to lose focus, with tracks often lacking a central hook to suck you in and hold you. But for each lacklustre moment there’s an equally brilliant one, such as the synth-coated reworking of "Ooh Child” on LMD’s "Things Are Gonna Get Easier” or the 30-something drug anthem "East Mountain Low.” And it’s tracks like these that make Keep It Slow one potent aural tranquilizer. (Eskimo)