Low "Try to Sleep" (starring John Stamos) (video)

Low 'Try to Sleep' (starring John Stamos) (video)
Well, we didn't see this one coming. Long-running Minnesotan slow-core trio Low have roped in John Stamos for their latest music video. And, yes, we're talking John "Full House" Stamos here.

The actor stars in Low's new video for the C'mon track "Try to Sleep." And believe it or not, Stamos is quite the Low fan.

He tells Entertainment Weekly, "I'm actually good friends with their producer Matt Beckley, and he had played me some of the record while they were making it. When it came time for them to cast the video, they asked if I'd like to be involved. I liked the concept. The new record is on all the time at my place."

C'mon dropped today (April 12) on Sub Pop and you can watch the video over here on Entertainment Weekly.

But sorry, no, there's no Olsen to be found.