The Lovetones Lost

There's no denying that hanging out with the Brian Jonestown Massacre would have an impact on your music, and Australian band the Lovetones are the perfect example. The two bands toured together almost a decade ago, with the Lovetones' songwriter and guitarist, Matthew Tow, even joining the other band for a while. Even now, both current and former members of the Jonestown crew show up on Lost, the band's fifth album. That said, the Lovetones favour the more melodic side of psychedelic pop, with every song awash in jangly guitars and layer upon layer of vocal harmonies. And after taking four albums to perfect their art, Lost is a rather splendid collection that demonstrates their mastery of the pop song. They bring together influences from every decade ― the Byrds, David Bowie and the Stone Roses ― creating something that might not be particularly original but is still a very satisfying listen. So satisfying that it turns out to be a more accomplished piece of work than their once mentors have made in a long, long time. Maybe Anton Newcombe should ask Tow's advice for his next record? (Planting Seeds)