Lovespirals Windblown Kiss

Ex-Love Spirals Downwards guy Ryan Lum has started another goth-ish project and named it so as to not confuse anyone. That’s okay, I suppose, because he certainly brought all his talents with him. From guitar to bass to programming to dulcimer, he pretty much covers all the ground here. The gothic past of Lum resurfaces with those airy, sparkling guitars that fans of the Cocteau Twins will relish. Ethereal/ambient goth music is one of my favourite things, and this duo (Lum and vocalist/songwriter Anji Bee) captures the nuances of the genre while putting their own signature on it. Lum’s guitars are the driving force here, as he flips easily between electric and acoustic, classical, Latin, and goth/folk styles. Bee’s vocals are gentle and understated, but it would have been more memorable to hear her out of her comfort zone, just belting it out once or twice. I do like the jazzy edge she shows in some tracks, giving the disc that lazy, "stay in bed until three” kind of feel (see final track "I Can’t See You”). Gothic jazz? Hell, why not? Sean Bowley (of goth rock band and Projekt label-mates Eden) offers vocals and guitar on two songs, providing variety, if nothing else, but not necessarily for the better; his rich voice sort of squashes hers. Turn the volume up and keep a listen at the end for the curious hidden blues track, complete with slide guitar, kazoo and all the grittiness of a ’50s Chicago blues recording. (Projekt)