Lovedaddys Mr. Popularity and Other Short Works

The five songs on the Lovedaddys’ first recorded attempt are catchy, edgy and exciting. The spare arrangement of the guitar, bass and drums give the tunes a stripped-down feel that is completely free of production frills. Only truly interesting songs can stand up to this treatment. The Lovedaddy’s songs do this with some energy to spare. Sounding eerily like Nirvana’s classic Bleach, this 15-minute EP will leave the listener waiting impatiently for a full album’s worth of material from the Winnipeg trio. The simple, but infectious songs perfectly accentuate their stark clever lyrics. Their devotion to melody is clearly the driving force behind each tune. The highlight is the opener, “I’m (Love) Sick,” again mining the same ground that made Kurt Cobain anaemic royalty and Pavement so critically acclaimed. Each of the five songs is uniquely connected to each other in spirit and sound and simply stand alone. Not since the days of Teemu Selanne has Winnipeg had something with this much promise. (Tuesday Hi-Fi)