Love Thy Will Be Done

Menz and Mollyz Bar, Halifax NS, May 21

Love Thy Will Be DoneMenz and Mollyz Bar, Halifax NS, May 21
Photo: Ryan McNutt
After releasing the record When I'm Weak, I'm Strong last year under the name Thomas, Toronto's Thom Gill has switched things up a bit with Love Thy Will Be Done. His new band shares a name with the 1991 top ten hit by "Toy Soldiers" singer Martika, a song that was produced and co-written by Prince. Appropriately, the accomplished players Gill has recruited for his live lineup double down on the Prince flourishes in his songs, making for a slow-burning, neo-soul experience.
Though performed with precision — Gill is a wonderful guitarist to watch — the band's performance stayed relatively loose, teasing at the notes rather than hitting them too sharply. Musically playful, the compositions were aided greatly by Gill's voice, which often switched into a smooth falsetto with ease. The material felt fresh and a little raw, enough so that one could easily expect the band to continue to improve on it and find new dimensions over time.
Still, Gill and company were a welcome, groovy change of pace at a festival often heavy with harsher sounds.
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