The Love And Terror Cult The Love And Terror Cult

Bleak and foreboding, the Love and Terror Cult are a dangerous band. Knowing their craft well enough to add in mathematical and dynamic elements to otherwise hardcore-influenced metal, comparisons to the live threat the End once promised colliding with Dillinger Escape Plan’s frenzied attack make for a truly creepy experience during this half-hour, eight-track lesson in sheer terror. Occasional bouts of outright noisecore are offset with subtle breakdowns that accentuate the ominous nature of oddball songs including "Hal Johnson & Joanne McLeod,” "Fructose Pondextrose” and "Madonna-Boy,” titles reminiscent of obvious influences Curl Up And Die. With their dissonant guitar melodies and screeching vocals though, the Love and Terror Cult aren’t about to roll over. Not unlike a Deadite, they’ll just keep coming at you with relentless viciousness until they swallow your soul. (Independent)