Love Me Jubilee Park

Love Me, a four-piece Australian band with three vocalists, comes across as a combination of Cocteau Twins and Cowboy Junkies. In other words, it’s atmospheric, sometimes dreamy and sometimes earthy, but always introspective. “Still Within,” probably the most atmospheric cut, mixes in a little Angelo Badalamenti Twin Peaks whispiness. A bluesy, twangy harmonica plays off well against the easy rhythms and atmospheric guitar in “One By One,” while Madeline King and Tom Kristensen duet like a mellow John and Exene in “I Could Be You.” “Easy” is darker and bluesier and drummer Mandy Pearson’s raspier vocals recall Marianne Faithful. A discreet harpsichord makes it even spookier. Pearson’s wonderful vocal also makes “Ever So Close” sound like Faithful covering a Dusty Springfield number. Jubilee Park is the perfect soundtrack for sitting in the dark listening, or for those grey rainy days so well suited to existential musings. (Antfarm)